Three Careers For Students Earning A Degree In Business Information Management

Information management is at the core of the success of any company. The gathering of pertinent information and knowing how to interpret this data to make the best decisions possible for a company creates a more prosperous company. There are many career paths to take with a degree in business information management. The following are only three of them.

A sales manager

This type of manager must oversee all aspects of sales. This consists of not only a good sales team, but good advertising, distribution, and all aspects of marketing. Nothing sells itself, and knowing what is effective and what is not in a company's sales department is all about interpreting information. A good sales manager is able to get the most out of the marketing of a company's products. In addition, a sales manager, through information analysis, is able to make changes to improve the sales of a business's product line, as well as correct mistakes that will have a long-term negative effect on a company's success.

A purchasing manager

In smaller companies, they are simply called buyers, but in large firms, there are several employees working in a purchasing department that is headed by a manager. The work done in this department uses data to make critical purchasing decisions. In retail, it is the buying of wholesale products. In manufacturing it is the buying of raw materials. Other items needed for the general operation of the company are often the responsibility of the purchasing department. Money can be saved or lost in purchasing, so a good purchasing manager is an extremely valuable employee.

An operations manager

This management position is usually a step above a purchasing or sales manager, and consists of managing the operation of the entire company. Naturally, this includes purchasing and sales, but it also includes research, product development, production and quality departments. Because it is a job that is responsible for the management of departments that are mostly unrelated, it is heavily dependent upon information. The better equipped an individual is at interpenetrating data, the better a manager will be able to make good decisions.

In general, wherever a business gathers and interprets data to make decisions that affect the future profitability of the company, there is a need for someone educated in the field of business information management. As long as there are businesses, there will always be a demand for this work; it is worth thinking about this option for your college degree. Visit for more information.