4 Different Certifications You Can Earn Through Flight School

Like with driver's licenses, there are different types of pilot licenses that you can earn that will allow you to fly different types of aircraft and engage in various flight-related activities. It is essential to know what kind of pilot certifications and license you want before signing up for flight training school.

Certification #1: Sports Pilot

If you want to start out with a basic pilot license, a sports pilot is the place to start. This type of license is pretty limiting, as you can only fly light aircraft with it, and you have to stick to low altitudes. These types of certifications are usually restricted to certain areas as well.

You can earn certification in different categories with a sports pilot license, such as airplane, glider, rotorcraft, and powered parachute. This type of training doesn't require very much logged training time and doesn't require any medical certification as well. This is a great place to start your pilot training.

Certificate #2: Recreational Pilot

Another option is to earn a recreational pilot license. It also doesn't include a high amount of flight time. However, with a recreational pilot license, you can fly heavier aircraft than you can as a sports pilot. However, you are still limited in what you can do when you fly. You can only fly a specific distance, only fly during the day, and only fly certain types of aircraft.

Certificate #3: Private Pilot

If you want to have the greatest degree of freedom, you will want to pursue a private pilot license. With a private pilot license, you will be able to fly any type of single-engine airplane that you want. You will only be able to fly for recreational purposes, and you can't make money off your license at all.

With a private pilot license, you will need to put in more flight time with an instructor, and you will need to meet more stringent training requirements. This type of license will require more effort on your part but is also going to provide you with a bigger reward.

Certificate #4: Commercial Pilot

Finally, you can train to become a commercial pilot. To become a commercial pilot, you will have to undergo rigorous training, and you will need to have to learn how to operate much more complex aircraft. You will need to invest a lot more time and effort to earn this type of certification.

If you want to become a licensed pilot, you will want to figure out what type of license you want to obtain so that you can find the right flight school to fit your needs. Contact various flight training schools to learn more.