Help Your Application With These Steps

Applying for a flight scholarship is competitive, and you need to be very careful about what you do to ensure that the application is not only received by the school, but received well in the sense that the school decides you're a serious candidate for the scholarship. If you have never applied to a scholarship or financial aid program before, you'll find this application (and the application to flight school) are like no other, and they need special attention.

Triple-Check Your Packet

Before you send anything in, triple-check the packet you're mailing or attaching in email with the school's instructions. It helps to make a checklist of everything you have to send in and get done, along with due dates. Check off each item that you've included, and add a second checkmark for each item that is done and that you no longer have to worry about. For example, if you need a medical certificate as part of the application, check off the appointment when completed, the certificate when you have it, and mailing the certificate when you've sent it off to the school.

Copies of Everything

Print out/make physical copies of everything. Don't leave items as PDFs on your computer or assume you'll be able to log back into a screen to print something later. Get the hard copies now so that if you need to send another copy quickly, you don't have to worry about a server being down.

Apply Early

No matter when the deadline is, don't wait. Apply now so that if there's a problem, you can solve it without rushing and worrying. You do not need that fear-based adrenaline rush that occurs when you find out you have to deal with a problem at the last minute.

This applies especially to the medical exam, if there is one. There's usually an exam needed for the flight school application, and if the scholarship is awarded from the school, you may have to send in your regular application and your financial application at the same time. Because it can take a while to get in to see your doctor for a non-urgent issue, start early.

Scholarships may be competitive, like at the Institute of Aviation at Parkland College, but people do win them. Help your chances by ensuring your application is complete and on time. Remember that the financial aid office at the school will be able to answer questions you have, so keep that number handy.