Participate In Nurse Improvement Training Sessions And Observe The Nurses Who Report To You

If you oversee the night shift nurses at a county hospital, making sure that patients are checked on throughout the night and that medications that have given out and changes in medical conditions are logged properly can be huge responsibilities. It is vital that each nurse maintains efficiency in the workplace. Nurse improvement training will help the fleet of nurses remain vigilant and professional while at work.

See What Training Has To Offer

Training classes are offered on campus and via the internet. Some classes include attending seminars and completing hands-on exercises. Personal care and safety, improving the manner in which patients are treated, logging data that is essential, and providing cost-effective medical care are some of the focuses that are introduced during training.

It is important that you attend the sessions that the nursing staff attends so that you will all be trained in the same manner. During sessions, you may attain some insight that will prompt you to make changes in the way that operations are handled.

Even if you do not necessarily think that sudden changes are needed, you can still explore further into modifying how things are handled by bringing up any areas of concern during staff meetings. 

Assess The Nurses During Working Hours

While training is still underway, take some of the information that you have acquired during training to determine if the nurses are meeting the patients' needs in an efficient and caring manner. Cutting corners is never a good idea since a patient's health could be compromised.

It is important that each of the staff members maintains a good rapport with the individuals who are placed within their care. Each nurse should address the patients at regular intervals and should clarify what specific tests or medications are being used to treat an ailment.

When a patient has a better understanding of their current situation, they will be more at ease and may be able to relax somewhat while they are staying in the hospital. Walk around with each of the nurses at various times and monitor closely as each staff member cares for the patients who have been assigned to them during a shift.

If you witness any issues that you think could be detrimental to a patient's status or their overall well-being, pull the employee to the side to discuss what you have observed. Address changes that you would like each employee to make and follow up by ensuring that each modification has been met to your satisfaction.