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3 Signs Your Teenager Is Ready For Driver’s Ed

As a parent, you will most likely want the absolute best for your child. You may give them sufficient love and provide them with a comfortable, happy, and healthy life. In some households, parents will allow their teen to enroll in driver's ed classes once they reach the required age, even though they are not physically, mentally, and intellectually prepared for this rite of passage. Considering vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens in the United States, making sure your child is ready for driving is imperative. Read More 

Rule The Road: Basic “Stay Safe” Driving Rules For Teens

When it comes to driving, you can't be too concerned about safety. Car accidents are the leading cause of death for teens, and many teens, even though they hear the safety tips in driving lessons and from parents, disregard basic advice that would keep them safe on the road. If you only recently got your driving permit, increase your safety by following these basic driving tips. 1. Don't drive distracted.  Read More 

Helping A Shy Child Learn Independent Thinking Skills While In Daycare

Independent thinking is the act of thinking for yourself and trying to decipher whether something is true and acceptable. It is a skill that must be developed in all children at a young age (within their abilities), but is often difficult in shy children, especially those who struggle in daycare. Thankfully, it is possible to use the child's very shy nature to help them master independent thinking skills. Tapping Into The Shy Child's Strengths Read More 

4 Tips For Preparing A Toddler For Kindergarten

Are you trying to figure out how to properly prepare your toddler for kindergarten? There are several things that can do your child ready for elementary school. He or she might even be more advanced than other kindergarten students if you use the proper preparation techniques. This article will provide a few helpful tips that can help with teaching your child valuable skills for school. Hire an Occasional Babysitter One of the things that might be beneficial is preparing your toddler for being away from you. Read More 

3 Questions You’ll Hear At Your Grad School Interview

Applying for masters healthcare programs, or any kind of masters program, is a big deal, and you may be understandably nervous about a graduate school interview. Knowing what kinds of questions you're going to hear and having time to figure out how to answer them can help you stay calm and collected on the day of the interview. Take a look at some of the questions that you're bound to hear, along with some tips for formulating your answers. Read More